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Aloe Tattoo

Green Soap Aloe Tattoo 1 Ltr

Green Soap Aloe Tattoo 1 Ltr

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Tattoo Green Soap by Aloe Tattoo is a high-quality soap solution without sulfates or PEG. Very gentle on the skin and with great cleaning power for the inks, to be used directly, without diluting, during the tattoo process.

Its allantoin content and pure aloe vera juice (from organic farming) give it a high soothing and astringent effect (reduces bleeding during tattooing).

Presentation: 1 liter bottle.

**Differences between a Green Soap from Aloe Tattoo and a concentrated soap (Green Soap Concentrate).**

- It is not possible to add substances to the concentrated soap that improve the soothing and bleeding effect of the tattoo, although there are brands that advertise them in the Label your concentrated soap as a quality additive.

- It must be taken into account that concentrated soap is diluted in a low proportion with water, which means that these added substances practically do not exist in the new solution obtained, as they remain in such a low concentration that they do not have any of the advertised effects.

- Green Soap soap from Aloe Tattoo is a soap to be used directly, without diluting, and in its composition it contains the appropriate proportion of allantoin (soothing and cellular regenerator) and pure aloe vera barbadensis juice from organic farming and processed entirely in our facilities. Aloe Tattoo facilities.

- The combination of both substances, in the appropriate proportions, results in a high-quality product to clean and soothe the skin while the tattoo is being done.
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