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Eternal Ink

Eternal Ink - Caramel 1oz/30ml

Eternal Ink - Caramel 1oz/30ml

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Eternal caramel is softer and more neutral than a lot of the alternative shades, making it a fantastic option for blending. The subtlety of the colour make it an ideal option for colouring larger sections of a design without drawing attention away from the finer details or looking unnatural, but it can just as easily be used as a highlighting or shadowing shade in smaller areas of a design. This is a high quality ink that, like all eternal inks, is organic and non-toxic to ensure the safest and most comfortable possible option for your customers. We also ensure that the ink is never frozen and is sterilized before distributions, so you can have confidence in the cleanliness and freshness of the ink you order from us.


Please be advised, this product is forbidden for use in tattooing and Permanent Makeup (PMU) within the European Union as it does not adhere to the updated REACH regulation effective from 2022.

This ink is strictly designated for use on synthetic practice skin and is not intended for human tattooing.

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