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Dynamic Triple Black Ink 240ml (8oz)

Dynamic Triple Black Ink 240ml (8oz)

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Please be advised, this product is forbidden for use in tattooing and Permanent Makeup (PMU) within the European Union as it does not adhere to the updated REACH regulation effective from 2022.

This ink is strictly designated for use on synthetic practice skin and is not intended for human tattooing.

The Dynamic ink is known for its vibrant and consistent color, especially celebrated for its bold black variety. It's a pre-dispersed, premium liquid, created to offer artists bold, enduring colours that retain their vibrancy over time. The ink is famed for its smooth flow rate and ease of skin penetration, making it ideal for both outlining and shading work. It is manufactured in the USA to high-quality standards, ensuring a safe and reliable medium for artists to work with.

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