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Aloe Tattoo

Tattoo Green Soap Concentrate 500 ml

Tattoo Green Soap Concentrate 500 ml

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Introducing our Concentrated Green Soap, a PEG (ethylene oxide) and sulfate-free solution made with plant-based surfactants. This specially formulated soap is designed to effectively clean ink residues, sanitize, and refresh the skin during the tattooing process.

Key Features:

  • Ink Removal: Effectively cleans ink remains.
  • Sanitizes and Refreshes: Provides a clean and refreshing experience during tattooing.
  • Cost-Effective: One bottle can prepare 5 liters of green soap.

Preparation Instructions:

  • To obtain 5 liters of green soap: Mix 4.5 liters of distilled water with one bottle of Green Soap Concentrate AloeTattoo.

  • To obtain 1 liter of green soap: Mix 900cc of distilled water with 100cc of Tattoo Green Soap Concentrate AloeTattoo.

Experience the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our Concentrated Green Soap for a superior tattooing process.

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