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Dynamic Greywash Tattoo Ink - No 40 120ml (4oz)

Dynamic Greywash Tattoo Ink - No 40 120ml (4oz)

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The Dynamic Greywash Ink set, encapsulated in a 4 oz. Bottle Set, is a meticulously crafted product emerging from years of rigorous testing and feedback collection. It's a blend derived from a tried and true original black formula, aiming to meet precise shading requirements. The set encompasses four distinct shades:

  1. Shade Composition:

    • #40: A smooth, light-mid tone wash.
    Also Available on our site:
    • #20: A thin, light wash.
    • #60: A deep, true medium-toned wash with a silky texture.
    • #80: The darkest shade in the set, offering a deep and full-bodied wash.
  2. Quality:

    • This set is a pre-dispersed, premium pigment known for its blending and shading capabilities, ensuring consistent ease in achieving the desired grey tones.
  3. Mixing Solution:

    • Incorporated within is a special #00 mixing solution, formulated with the purest, hospital-grade water that's been filtered, distilled, and UV sterilized to ensure a high-quality, safe medium.
  4. Smoothness and Soothing Attributes:

    • The formula is enriched with witch hazel, known for imparting smoothness and potentially soothing effects on the skin.
  5. Origin:

    • This product is manufactured in the USA, adhering to high quality and safety standards.

This Greywash Ink Set provides a comprehensive range of grey shades, catering to varying needs for precise shading and blending, ensuring smooth application and durable, lasting color results.

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