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Aloe Tattoo

Cursed Skull Tattooing Bioactive Vaseline

Cursed Skull Tattooing Bioactive Vaseline

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CURSED SKULL by Aloe Tattoo is a distinctive gel, entirely vegan, infused with natural soothing agents, which eases the tattooing process by minimizing bleeding and skin irritation.

  • Its unique formulation ensures that colored inks remain separate during the tattooing process.
  • A small application on the skin is sufficient to unleash its full benefits.
  • Housed in a screw-capped tube, it ensures enhanced hygiene and ease of use.
  • There's no need for depressants; simply squeeze the tube to dispense the desired amount of gel whenever needed.
  • CURSED SKULL is a vegan formulation devoid of preservatives.
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