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Aloe Tattoo

Aloe Pro V Tattoo Aftercare Cream (9 units)

Aloe Pro V Tattoo Aftercare Cream (9 units)

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Introducing our latest creation straight from the laboratory – the ALOE PRO V TATTOO AFTERCARE CREAM. Uniquely crafted and entirely devoid of preservatives and petroleum derivatives, this innovative formula sets a new standard in tattoo aftercare.

The powerful synergy between our premium Aloe Vera, cultivated organically, and Pro-Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) makes our cream highly effective in hydrating, shielding, and fostering the natural regeneration process of recently tattooed skin.

Our commitment to purity is evident in the formula's exclusion of preservatives and petroleum products. Complemented by a hypoallergenic perfume and a carefully balanced eudermic pH, our cream caters to the needs of sensitive skin.

Housed in an airless container, our design revolutionizes preservation. When the dosing pump is activated, it creates a vacuum pressure inside, exerting a constant force on a piston at the container's base. This innovative mechanism ensures the continuous upward movement of the product, preventing any contact with air. By doing so, it effectively safeguards against oxidation and microbial contamination, maintaining the cream in optimal conservation conditions. Rest assured, ALOE PRO V TATTOO AFTERCARE CREAM guarantees peak effectiveness at the moment of use.

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